It was a great video. Very informative.

A lot of really good information.

Excellent presentation!

Excellent, easy to understand presentation! I really liked the pictures which showed the cells to help better understand the evolution of these cancers. Upbeat, knowledgeable presenters!

I am a previous Oncology research Nurse. I was very pleased with the content and delivery

The topics were well-presented. We appreciated the Q & A at the end where we could text in our questions.

This was very informative. I have greatly appreciated all of the events that I have been able to attend.

Was amazing

Great resource and learning opportunity

Thank you all for your time, I didn’t really understand the differences in hospice and pallative care before this lecture. I thought they were the same.

The information provided was helpful knowing how to help patients who are going through either cancer or another disease and hospice care.

This program provided sufficient background and basic information to provide an insightful presentation.

This webinar was very informative and answered many questions on the distinct questions concerning Palliative care and Hospice care.

This was excellent! Having been a hospice nurse prior to coming to education, I watched it to see how I can better explain about hospice to my students and not just basing it on how we took care of hospice patients when I lived in S.C. Thank you for this excellent session.

This webinar was very informative. It gave very good and distinct information concerning Palliative Care and Hospice Care. This was a very good webinar program.

Very informative

Appreciate the topic

Excellent follow-up questions

Great lecture. Very informative.

Great lecture. I really enjoyed it!

I appreciate how she helped explained the physiology of tumor-induced inflammation and the role it plays in altering taste, and appetite, all factors associated with maintaining nutritional status during the chemo/rad phase.

I do not have students but was interested in learning for myself of any new information related to nutritional status with a cancer diagnosis

I found the content of the program to be very helpful.

I learned a lot from this presentation. It was good to have information on the different screening tools & the significance they can have when used to assess patients and help prevent further weight loss. I had no idea 10-20% of cancer patient’s death occur from malnutrition vs. the cancer itself!

I think this program was very straightforward and easily accessible. It was easy to follow along and I believe having the opportunity to ask questions at the end was very beneficial.

Thanks! I learned a lot and liked how the speaker answered questions at the end. I liked to see what questions others thought of.

The online lecture was extremely helpful and very informative. Thank you.

This session was very informative. It was interesting and easy to follow. The information was presented very well and I really enjoyed the interactive quizzes during the lecture.

This was a great easy-to-understand lecture. As a worker in Oncology Research this was beneficial to me as we see a lot of patients experiencing these symptoms.

This was great and very informative. The presenters did a great job!

This was very informative and I appreciate these very much!

Very informational and I enjoyed it.

Where is the archived list of all topics so faculty can include them on their course schedules throughout the semester?

Great learning opportunity!

Great presentation

I have found these to be highly beneficial to my students (and to me). They are at a convenient time and if something comes up unexpectedly for me at work, I love that they are recorded for another time. Thank you!

These have been very beneficial. Thank you!

Very informative lecture. Really engaging and the students enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the discussion of the clinical impact of radiation

Great general overview.

Thank you for the review of grey and fractions

I appreciated the explanation about the management of skin side effects

We deal with oncology patients regularly in our pharmacy, and now I have a much better understanding of what they go through

Hazel is wonderful and a great champion of the UNC Tobacco Treatment Program!

Excellent choice of information to share given the limited time schedule

Great program.

I believe it was well done, and the Q&A at the end was insightful.

I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture, and it was very helpful and instructive on melanoma.

It was interesting

Thank you for the expertise given.

Very helpful information; well presented; technology worked well.

Very informative, I enjoyed the material & the questions that were provided.

Well done