We utilize photos to capture the human element of oncology care in our publicity efforts. They create empathy for individuals receiving cancer care by showcasing that people with cancer come from all walks of life.

To depict the universality of cancer patients, we want images that show average people with different skin colors, gender preferences, weight sizes, abilities to function, and so on.

We also try to choose images that might relate in some way to the topic. For example, for

  • Head and Neck cancers, use an image that brings attention to the head and neck
  • Gastrointestinal cancers or webinars on nutrition, use an image that focuses on food
  • Genitourinary cancers, use an image that includes drinks
  • webinars on exercise, use an image with people exercising
  • Breast and/or Gynecologic cancers, use an image that centralizes women

We find our images on one of these two sites:

  • Unsplash — These images are free to use because they are copyright-free and royalty-free
  • Shutterstock — These images we must pay for copyright and royalty use, and UNCLCN has an account to pay for them

Look through the sites and locate about 10 or so images that you think might work for the webinar that you're working on and share them with Nadja and the Continuing Education Specialists to select the final image.

Once an image has been chosen, place it in the folder 2 Photos for that webinar