Oncology professionals or students in a classroom.

The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network offers FREE continuing education credits (CME, NCPD/CNE, ACPE, ASRT, and CTR) for healthcare professionals throughout North Carolina. All webinars feature UNC faculty and other oncology professionals to deliver webinars on the latest treatments, clinical trials, and supportive services available to North Carolina cancer patients.

All CE Credits and Certificates are free.


Telehealth Live Webinars


Patient Centered Care.
covers components of patient-centered health care delivery in cancer treatment and survivorship. The focus of this series is not disease-specific but includes discussion of approaches to improving care delivery for all cancer patients and survivors. The second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 PM. Dates may change in November and/or December.

Advanced Practice Provider.
Shares expertise and creates a structured network for our vast community by promoting professional development, creating opportunities for collaboration, and using evidence-based education to increase knowledge and skills to foster ongoing quality patient care. The third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM. Dates may change in November and/or December.

Research to Practice.
Covers the spectrum of anti-cancer therapy, with a focus on recent research developments, both locally and at large, and what’s ready for regular practice. The the fourth Wednesday at 12:00 PM. Dates may change in November and/or December.

Southeastern American Indian Cancer Health Equity Partnership.
Understanding and addressing the cancer-related health needs of American Indian communities in our catchment areas and beyond. The first Wednesday of February, May, and November at 12:00 PM.


Live Webinars

Telehealth Webinars 2015 to Present


Telehealth Self-Paced, Online Courses

Each Live webinar above is recorded and placed in the Learning Portal as a Self-Paced, Online Course.



College Courses

Community College Oncology
UNCLCN is proud to be collaborating with the North Carolina Community College System on a series of oncology lectures for students in nursing and allied health profession programs.
Each NC Community College Oncology Live webinar is recorded and put in the Learning Portal as a Self-Paced, Online Course.




Exploring Cancer
Behind cardiovascular disease, Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of deaths in the United States. What causes Cancer? Why have we not cured Cancer yet? What are some of the myths that surround Cancer care? Why do people of color seem to develop and die from Cancer at rates much higher than the majority of the population?



Introduction to Pathology of Disease
Introduce undergraduates to the scientific basics of pathology including introduction to normal histology and pathologic disease histology. Also introduce the undergraduates to professional opportunities in the fields of pathology and Medical Laboratory Sciences.



Oncology Clinical Trials
The UNC LCCC Oncology Clinical Trials Course is a course designed for faculty and trainees interested in clinical trials research.



Hematology and Oncology Courses for Residents

These courses are a critical addition to the learning platform for medicine residents. Medicine residency is the time to build knowledge that that is the foundation the career in the field. The video library permits the learner to access the material at quiet times and during point of care.



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