The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network’s Learning Portal provides FREE Continuing Education credit opportunities for oncology professionals throughout the year.

Learning Portal

The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network’s Learning Portal


The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network showcases two different methods for earning FREE Continuing Education credits on our Learning Portal. One is with our Live lectures and the other is with our Online Course Catalog.

Please visit to find a list of all of our upcoming live lectures.

Please visit to get a free account in our Learning Portal and take any of our free, self-paced online courses.

Each month, the UNC Lineberger Cancer Network records lectures for our  Patient Centered Care and our Research to Practice series. While attendees view these lectures at a specific day and time at designated sites or through Zoom webinar, oncology professionals then login to the Learning Portal during the following week to fill out an evaluation and to receive a CME, CNPD/CNE, ACPE, or ASRT certificate.

These recordings are then moved to the Online Course Catalog on the Learning Portal, where oncology professionals have a year in which to view a given lecture, complete an assessment, fill out an evaluation, and receive a CME, CNPD/CNE, ACPE, or ASRT certificate. Since the lectures are pre-recorded, oncology professionals are able to earn these FREE Continuing Education certificates at any time of day or night.

Additionally, several times each school year, we also record several lectures for our North Carolina Community College series, and these videos are also added to the Online Course Catalog. Although these lectures do not offer Continuing Education credits, North Carolina community college students—with their instructor’s permission—can take an assessment and fill out an evaluation in order to receive a certificate that is good for credit within a course.