Site Coordinators

Site Coordinator

Site Coordinators make it possible for oncology professionals to gather in rooms at healthcare facilities across North Carolina and to participate in UNCLCN's Live Webinars. A Site Coordinator needs access to a conference room with a video conferencing system or large display connected to the internet and the ability to publicize webinars. To be a Site Coordinator, contact UNCLCN at 

Site Coordinator Duties

  • Secure access to a room with video conferencing system or large display connected to the internet
  • Publicize webinars with fliers, emails, and listservs
  • Connect their video conferencing system or computer with large-screen monitor to the UNCLCN's Live Webinars
  • Place COI information (provided by UNCLCN) where attendees can review it
  • Ensure attendees view a minimum of 50 minutes of the presentation to be eligible for CE credit
  • Have eligible attendees sign a roster provided by UNCLCN
  • Scan and upload that roster to the UNCLCN Learning Portal

UNCLCN will ensure that each eligible site attendee has an account in the Learning Portal and will permit them to fill out an evaluation, download a certificate, and claim their free CE credit.

Publicizing Self-Paced, Online Courses

Site Coordinators also share information about UNCLCN's Self-Paced, Online Courses in our Learning Portal. The Self-Paced, Online Courses (SPOC) utilize recordings of the Live Webinars to offer FREE continuing education credit. Clinicians can watch the video associated with a SPOC at any day/time that is convenient for them, fill out an evaluation, complete an assessment, download a certificate, and claim their CE credit.